Just had my medial meniscus pretty much removed: “a large chunk,” according to my technical-jargon-using doctor.

My worry is about climbing again. Despite my recent fears of dying in the mountains, a fear I never used to have but which has promulgated with age, I still desperately want to stand on a remote peak, having moved myself up there using my own skill and fortitude.  It’s something that I need to experience during my life, just once…

Alas, whatever skill and fortitude I have left will almost definitely now have to be supplemented by a trained guiding service costing thousands of dollars, and more than likely a sturdy knee brace.  My only hope is to be successful enough in something to be able to afford both the fees and the month of time it would require.

And hopefully by the time I need a knee replacement, they’ll be made of an indestructible bionic material with WiFi connectivity.