“Where are you from?”

We’ve all been asked this question. But there is only a small subset of humanity that is able to answer – truthfully – “Exit 4 off the New Jersey Turnpike”

It’s a special person that can reference a dilapidated six-lane superhighway-off-ramp in the heart of Southern New Jersey in their origin story. And you can join this exclusive club by moving to Cherry Hill™, NJ. 

The attractions are legion. You may have heard about a little place called The Cherry Hill Mall™ – but did you know it’s the first mall ever invented by humanity? Never mind that the real first mall opened in Kansas in 1922, or that malls have been around since Roman times. This is the First Mall Ever. And you’ll live near it. You’ll share a name with it. It will become your – and, most importantly, your children’s – identity.

And do you know where cheesesteaks are made? Do you know what’s right near Cherry Hill™?

If you answered Philadelphia, then Mazel Tov. It’s true: Your new home is just a short drive to a seldom-running commuter rail station away from one of the largest mid-sized cities in America.

Just like George Washington did in 1776* you can cross the Delaware on the Ben Franklin Bridge and take part in the greatness that is Democracy in this country. Be like Rocky and run up the steps of some museum – and still get home in time to watch the Flyers lose.

And speaking of cities – if the “edgy” thing is more your style – Cherry Hill™ holds the distinction of sharing a border with the most dangerous place in America: Camden, NJ. Think about your children. Think how thrilled they’ll be when they get their drivers’ licenses at the age of 17 and have to drive only ten minutes to buy their drugs and possibly get shot. You owe it to your children to give them such freedom, and it’s only possibly in Cherry Hill™, NJ.

If you want all this plus a loose sense of community, not-too-bad public schools and a sort-of diverse community – all in the state with the largest Governor in the country – then come live in Cherry Hill™, NJ: where you don’t live in the suburbs – the Suburbs live in you.

*Washington’s use of the Ben Franklin Bridge is disputed by some scholars.