That’s what’s on the menu as of last night. They try to warn you about the possibility that your taste buds will be decimated, but it’s not good this round.

I can basically only taste really salty things and sriracha, and the latter makes me sick. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. BUT the good news is it should be short-lived…hopefully by next week I’ll be back to my normal, eat-everything self.

Other than that, things went fine at chemo number 4 yesterday. I have an appointment with the doctor on Monday for a quarter-cycle checkup and I’ll have another PET scan next week so we’ll see just how effective it’s been. The doc is pretty sure I’m doing fine, and his optimism is contagious, so as long as this thing is going away, I’ll deal with having everything taste like a Cardboard Special with Cardboard Slaw and Cardboard Dressing on Rye Cardboard.

And besides, it just means there more for this guy to eat: