First of all, my neighbors – the exquisite collection of families that make up Harvard Terrace – have been delivering meals to us, unannounced and unsolicited, and I just feel they need a special mention so that whoever’s reading this knows just how wonderful people can be – and in the NJ suburbs no less.

So to everyone who was all, “how can you move out of NYC?” I ask you: would this have happened in a co-op in Brooklyn? No. They probably would have been worried that a cancer patient in their building would bring their share value down. [Zing. Unfair, I know…]

As for me, I’m actually doing surprisingly well, to the point where I feel a bit guilty for not being more sick so I can feel worthy of all this help and support. The only major side effect is being tired all the time, but I also have a two-year-old so that would happen anyway.

I do wish I was able to pick him up as much as I used to, and he is sometimes a little confused about why I can’t run around with him – but – again – this is hopefully all just temporary.

Next chemo treatment is this coming Thursday, so I have a few days of being fine before I re-enter the Post-Chemo Two-to-Three-Day Window of Gloom and Nausea. But – again – if this pattern holds, and if this is as bad as it gets for the next five months, I’ll be very happy.

As for the biggest question, of course: hair loss has been minimal, just some strands coming out in the shower every day. Nothing my Jew-fro can’t vanquish so far.

And I’ve decided that I really like writing blog posts because – unlike in screenwriting  – you don’t have to come up with a satisfying ending.