Who we are is what we do. Isn’t it?

This is a struggle for a lot of people, it seems – is one defined by the work one does and the job one holds? Most people would probably say no, but I’m inclined to say sort of. 

It has to do with where your energies and talents are used, and what they are devoted to creating. Some people can separate the thing that brings them money from the things that bring them joy. Others have trouble doing so…and usually those people end up poor.

It’s one of those modern day, first world problems I guess. Do you follow the money, or the passion?  I feel like on some level, it was better when there was no choice between surviving and doing work “you love” – at least when we were hunter-gatherers, we didn’t have to pay gym memberships to stay in shape, the whole “smallpox” thing notwithstanding.

Actually, things aren’t so bad these days, are they?