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Newly Discovered Myth: Arkamedin

Arkamedin and the Triangle of Love is a little-known* Greek myth.  It’s one of my favorites, but is often overlooked. I publish it here in its entirety.

Arkamedin was a half-man, half god –  born out of a chance encounter between Zeus and a citizen of Greece, a mortal named Antiolitus who worked as a prostitute to the gods.  Usually, before having their way with her, the gods would make Antiolitus infertile for up to 20 minutes, to make it impossible for an illegitimate child to be born.  One night, however, Zeus was incredibly inebriated, and he forgot to cast the spell before calling on Antiolitus for a rendezvous.  The result of their union was Arkamedin.  As soon as Zeus learned of his child, he banished Antiolitus to Hades, and sent Arkamedin to live with an old couple in a hut in the woods.  Arkamedin grew up, oblivious of his true parentage, knowing only the quiet old man who provided ample food and water.

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Article: Yahoo! Finance Sample

This article originally appeared on the Daily Ticker site of Yahoo! Finance in 2009.


According to journalist and author John Cassidy, Wall Street banks are supposed to act “like a power utility… Except they provide money rather than power.”

But what happens when the power utility, instead of focusing on how best to manage and distribute power, decides to focus on using customer funds to make a quick buck?

The answer, as Cassidy explains in his recent New Yorker article, is a financial system pushed to the brink of collapse.

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He’s Dead, Jim

When we die, we are sent to a pretty bleak world in which there are horribly disfigured Winged Harpies, and we have to tell them how wonderful it was to live. If we lie, or if we have nothing to tell them about what we did to try to live with passion and love, then they keep us there for eternity. But if we tell them how beautiful the world was for us, and describe the joys and excitement we felt while living, then they will show us a door that will release our atoms back into the world so we can become one with nature again.

At least that’s how Phillip Pullman sees it in his wonderful, magical trilogy His Dark Materials. Which I’ve just finished reading for the third time.  Continue reading

“A Dream Fulfilled” Announced

I’m officially starting production on a documentary about my father’s life in the Philadelphia Orchestra – “A Dream Fulfilled.” At 55 years and counting, he’s the longest tenured member of the Orchestra. See a description and trailer for the film here

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

Not wanting to live his life as a sellout, Boba Fett eventually decided to leave bounty hunting and pursue his filmmaking dreams.





Who we are is what we do. Isn’t it?

This is a struggle for a lot of people, it seems – is one defined by the work one does and the job one holds? Most people would probably say no, but I’m inclined to say sort of.  Continue reading


The great epidemic of our time. I’m coining this phrase to describe the ridiculous thoughts that spew from the stewing brain matter of some of our elected officials: evolution is “just a theory,” the government is unconstitutional, CO2 is good for you, guns make you safer, prayer works, gay people are evil,  etc, etc…  Continue reading

RIP Our Fish


Clifton Phifer Lee, a Betta fish from New York City, passed peacefully on the floor of his bowl on October 20th, 2014. He was at least several weeks over three years old.

Born sometime in late summer 2011 at a Petco on 4th Avenue, Cliff was named for his parents’ hero at the time, Cliff Lee of the Philadelphia Phillies. Cliff the Fish watched closely whenever Cliff the Pitcher was on the mound, though he became as distraught as everyone when the Phillies started being terrible again.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jeff’s Diary

Some time after the end of the Iraq War, an Iraqi soldier fighting alongside American troops found a torn and tattered diary in an abandoned bunker.

Unable to read the English, he passed it on to his American counterparts, who delivered it to an Associate Press reporter. 

The surviving contents are reproduced here, unedited.

August 29th, 2002

Dear Diary,

I’ve gotten an acting job!  Only 3 weeks out of drama school, I meet this guy today and he hired me on the SPOT!.  I knew that acting would work out for me… everyone said I shouldn’t have quit the bathroom fixture thing and go to London. They said I was too old, they said acting is too hard and it’s only for attractive twenty-somethings…well HA!  Here I am, just finished my first summer intensive and I have a real job!

It looks great…I’ll be living away from home for a while, but that’s the life of an actor, isn’t it?  I’m really lucky to find such a great gig in the summer too.  The downside is I’m going to have to go to Iraq, but the contract is open-ended!  Everybody says I shouldn’t do it – they all said something about Iraq being dangerous and there might be a war or something – but I can’t let that hold me back.  I mean, what’s more dangerous than being an actor?

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Marriage, In Sum

Rachel to Me: “Look, I voluntarily signed up to be dragged along for whatever mess you get yourself into, and vice versa. And that’s not a bad thing.”

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