I had the extraordinary good fortune to attend a screening of “Promised Land” earlier this week, and the even greater fortune to schmooze and chat with the filmmakers and actors afterwards.

It’s so refreshing to see a film that addresses a complicated issue but tells a simple, dramatic and compelling story without getting preachy. It’s a powerful film – and very, very clever. I enjoyed it very much, and I hope it gets the attention it deserves when it’s released early next year.

Also, Matt Damon and John Krasinski are two of the most friendly celebrities I’ve ever met. I’ve always been impressed by Matt Damon’s career – he must have to deal with so much bullshit, but he seems to keep his head up and stay focused on the task at hand, and his performances show him to be a sensitive, empathic artist. No matter what I see him do, I get the sense he’s just an actor working to be as truthful to the scene as he can – like any of us. It’s a rarity for a movie star, and it’s inspiring.

And a great conversation was had with Chris Moore, the producer. Everyone involved in this film just seemed like an all-around good person, and I left that party knowing more than ever that this is the kind of work I was meant to be doing. I know I’ll need some luck to make it to that level, but this week at least I was fortunate to meet people that inspire me to pursue it.

So thanks to them. And Matt, I can’t @#$ing wait to see Elysium.