Do you have an event coming up? Will it celebrate someone or someones you love? Do you want to surprise that someone with an incredible, cinematic trailer that focuses on everything great and wonderful about them?

FilmOccasions are a series of custom-produced trailers for the “movie” of your celebrant’s life.

To be shown either at the bar-mitzvah/wedding/birthday gathering for the person – OR just to show at a private screening in your home – these “mockutrailers” are created using professional writing, cinematography and editing by a strong team of filmmaking professionals.

A new venture launched under the umbrella of Alpine Light Media, FilmOccasions are a unique way to celebrate the life of the person you love.

Some samples. Filled with inside jokes, but good examples of what we do:

Veda: The Movie

This was shown at a gala birthday party for a loving mother and piano teacher at Juilliard. Starring her family, and many other famous actors.

This was shown at the wedding for the founder of CinemOccassions. Starring him, his wife, and many others.

The Possibilities

Let’s say your daughter is turning 30, and you want to throw a surprise party. An initial consultation would include a meeting with the filmmakers to go over everything that makes your daughter wonderful, to give us an idea of how best to tell the story of her life in 5 minutes. We’d go away and write a script that conveys everything you want to say – and after it’s approved, we’d add some flash and filmmaking magic to make a great trailer…

Then the fun begins: we’d hire an actor to play her, and enlist the help of her friends and family to fill in the supporting roles…playing themselves. Over one to three days, we’d shoot the scenes in the script using a professional crew and equipment, then go away and do the editing. After a week or two, we have a beautiful, professional trailer guaranteed to embarrass and/or honor your daughter.

Expand this idea to include any occasion: bar- or bat-mitzvah kids who want to star in their own film with their friends, a young wedding couple who want to tell the story of their beginning, a golden-years couple celebrating their 50th anniversary…as we’ve learned by doing this, any occasion can be a FilmOccasion

All packages include:

• A custom script, tailored to tell the story YOU want to tell
• Professional cinematography, using the highest quality low-budget filmmaking techniques
• A complete post-production treatment, with graphics, professional titling and music

Every package is, by definition, custom-created to suit your storytelling needs – and almost anything is possible.

Contact me to learn more about procedures and pricing.